Dive License

Sea Urchin, Sea Cucumber
Geo Duck (1/14 Share)

Ground Fish License & Quota

Halibut, Rock Fish, Sable Fish (TBD)


There will be a deadline underneath the ‘licence’ and if no deadline is present it will be ‘TBD’

All bids will be reviewed (example: Check to see if all log books are up to date, that the bid is valid and approved by the owner of the vessel), once the review is complete, the successful bids will be brought to the directors for a decision.  Once a decision is made, the successful applicant will be contacted.

The information that is required for all bids are as follows:

  • License Number (e.g. FW-1)
  • Vessel Name
  • Vessel Length (where applicable)
  • Vessel Registration Number (VRN)
  • Name of Owner of Vessel
  • Name of Skipper of Vessel
  • Certification
  • Experience in applied field(s)
  • Bid Price