Mission Statement

The Ahousaht Fishing Corporation’s (AFC) mission is to create economic opportunities, either directly or indirectly, for Ahousaht members through the deployment of its community fishing assets (licences, vessels and human resources) in a business-oriented environment.

The purpose for the formation of AFC is to stimulate community economic development in the fisheries sector.  In pursuing this mandate, AFC shall consider the following three major components:

  • The development of individual businesses, which create Ahousaht entrepreneurs and provide growth in community wealth.
  • Community development, which is an organized process of establishing and/or maintaining the infrastructure required in achieving economic and social objectives in the Ahousaht community.
  • The abeyance of shared values, traditions and resources, as well as the organizational structure of the community.

The AFC is guided by the following principles:

  • Wherever possible, economic opportunities should support increased self-reliance and economic self-determination of Ahousaht members.
  • AFC programs and services designed to meet specific Ahousaht needs will be developed in consultation with the Ahousaht people.
  • The AFC should be creative and flexible in meeting the needs and desires of the Ahousaht people to fully participate in BC commercial fishing industry.
  • Fishing opportunities will first be provided to members of Ahousaht First Nation; second, to Nuchahnulth member Nations; third, to non-NTC member Nations.
  • The AFC is operated as a stand-alone venture, at arm’s length from the operations of the Ahousaht First Nation.

Members of the Ahousaht First Nation pay Fair Market Value when bidding for a licence.


Corporate Structure and Governance

Ahousaht Fishing Corporation was incorporated May 1997 in the Province of British Columbia.

When Ahousaht First Nation first established the Ahousaht Fishing Corporation, the specific goals were: 

  • Managing and administering the commercial and communal fishing assets of the Band.
  • Developing a long-term plan to increase the participation of the Community in a diverse, financially sound, fishing enterprise.

The Ahousaht Fishing Corporation (AFC ) is operated as a stand-alone venture, at arm’s length from the operations of the Ahousaht First Nation.  The focus of the AFC reflects on the nation’s priority of economic development, of which an underlying philosophy is to support increased self-reliance and the economic and social determination. 

The objective of the AFC is to:

  1. Manage the fishing assets of the AFC as an on-going “for profit” business concern.
  2. Develop and recommend new fisheries policies; and
  3. Establish on-going consultation between Ahousaht people and the Provincial and Federal governments with respect to Aboriginal fishing issues for the Ahousaht First Nation.
  4. Negotiate agreements and project terms with Provincial, Federal, Local and Tribal            Council Governments of behalf of the Ahousaht First Nation.

The AFC has relied solely on revenues from licences it currently owns.  The AFC is currently operating under any government funding which is ending March 2016

With the implementation of the PICFI program, the AFC formed the Ahousaht Nation Fishing Society to hold the licences and quota approved for the PICFI CFE Business Plan.  The Ahousaht Nation Fishing Society was established April 16, 2012.  This is AFC’s non-profit organization that the licences flow through. However, the licences are administered by AFC.

The Ahousaht Nation Fishing Society has the same structure as the AFC with the same shareholders, Board of Directors, with the directors making decisions for the licences/quota. 

Marion Campbell

Administrator 1927633_127977560034_323_n

Floyd Campbell Jr.

Assistant Administrator